Successful organizations improve the degree to which their people are motivated by, passionate about and invested in their work and teams they're a part of.


Feedback and Performance Reviews are NOT the same. Feedback is a multidirectional communication process that raises awareness to all types of interactions. Observation based data is crucial to building better work relationships and making more informed decisions.

Individual and Team Enneagrams

When people understand each other they can better communicate their needs and find common ground more easily. You can then assemble teams based on natural strengths, motivations, values, communication tendencies and learning styles. The bottom line is that you'll work better together when people identify and are aware of the nuances of their personality types.

Virtual Workshops and Off-Sites

The daily grind makes it increasingly difficult to break from routine and identify necessary changes to improve your business. We tailor our workshops by focusing on what you’re interested in accomplishing and then we create a custom experience, so you leave with purpose and better functioning teams.

Jim Madden
Jim Madden Co-Founder/CEO & Managing Director at Carrick Capital Partners

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