Corporate Feedback, Review and Reporting

Observation based feedback enhances decision making and is a great way to show you value your people. As one of our specializations, the feedback we operate tends to be more informative and reliable than when companies conduct it themselves. Collecting feedback also tends to be more objective when gathered from outside your organization. Businesses have different needs and cultures that necessitate an unbiased, customized and carefully curated approach.

With the information you gain you’ll be able to:
  • Find out what is truly important to your employees
  • Provide an opportunity for people to share observations over a specific period of time
  • Accurately identify current strengths and where development is needed
  • Better anticipate performance and increase retention within your company
  • Make informed decisions from a wider perspective
  • Bring teams together and improve work relationships
  • Clarify your true values and performance metrics

Typology Assessments

Typology assessments are highly useful for improving your team’s communication in the workplace but they vary greatly. Before you choose a typology test for your team, consult with us to choose the right one and learn how to incorporate it in a meaningful way. If used correctly you will build more diverse teams that can accomplish more together and better navigate communication pitfalls.

Virtual Workshops & Off-Sites

When workshops are done right they’re a valuable tool for optimizing your team’s performance. After collecting feedback or participating in typology assessments, an engaging workshop is an ideal opportunity to put into practice newly attained information. Choose a virtual experience or destination and we’ll provide a fully tailored set of enjoyable presentations that make the biggest impact for your organization.