In an era where many people in the workforce are leaving their jobs, innovative retention programs are more important than ever.

HeyCoach! is a confidential personalized support program provided by our team for yours. When challenges arise and you need an objective ear with a fresh perspective, HeyCoach! gives your employees access to various wellness, communication, and culture building insights and information with flexibility and freedom. When a person wants to touch base, talk through a challenge, or just needs that extra layer of support, she or he receives a scheduling link that acts as a token for a one on one session. Scheduling is quick and easy.

Use HeyCoach! for the following:

  • Work through challenges
  • Workshop follow-ups/Deeper insight into personality assessments
  • Effective communication tactics
  • Personal well-being
  • Strategic/Creative brainstorming
  • Wellness programming (Fitness, Nutrition, Stress Management}
  • General support

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